Digital Marketing Degree Opportunities

With options to work toward becoming a digital marketing manager, a social  media manager or a content strategist, the opportunities with a digital marketing degree are quite vast!

Visit the University of Michigan – Dearborn’s Digital Marketing page to learn about one of the schools that has an excellent digital marketing program.

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Digital Marketing at University of Michigan – Dearborn


When shopping for one of the best digital marketing schools to attend, one would definitely want to search for the best value. The University of Michigan – Dearborn, a four-year public university, is one of the schools that has been acknowledged as the second program of its kind in the nation during its August 2011 launch.

Some courses offered through the Digital Marketing program:

  • Communications Strategy & New Media
  • Digital Consumer Search & Marketing
  • Digital Analytics & Content
  • E-tailing & Retailing
  • Understanding Customers

Some electives that may be chosen:

  • Marketing Management
  • Global Marketing & Consumer Culture
  • Managing Electronic Commerce Systems

Using web 2.0 technology to reach a target market is just one of the components of this digital marketing program. This is a highly technological-focused program that employs students with the capabilities needed to take marketing online and make it successful.

So are courses the only aspect of what makes UM-Dearborn one of the top digital marketing schools?

The cherry on the icing is the internship program the campus’ internship office has to offer. With connections to many industry professionals interested in hiring interns, students can gain valuable work experience and earn internship credits before graduation. Paid internships are also available. Placements include positions in marketing, search engine optimization, social media management, and more.

UM-Dearborn also has a Career Services Center that provides a career interest assessment if a student is unsure of what to major in. Career Planning courses are also offered year round. Students can learn about possible career paths and work on determining career goals.

The University can offer you tools and resources to help you accomplish your goals and one day walk across the stage at graduation, ready to receive your bachelor’s degree in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing at UM-Dearborn

Digital Marketing became a new degree program at the University of Michigan – Dearborn in 2011.

This major is the second program to be introduced in the midwest region of the United States.  The first two classes to be offered are Digital Consumer Search and Marketing (MKT 363) and Digital Analytics and Content (MKT 463). These courses teach students about digital marketing topics and provide hands-on experience in the classroom with projects. Learning how to use Google AdWords is just one of the tools students learn to use.

MKT 363 Digital Consumer Search & Marketing and MKT 463 Digital Analytics and Content are two courses in the program that deal exclusively with digital marketing topics and are required for all digital marketing majors. MKT 363 is a prerequisite for MKT 463.

Since digital marketing is a growing profession, this could be a degree program worth looking into if you are unsure what to study in college but like marketing and being creative!



A Few Top Digital Marketing Schools!

These top digital marketing schools have been selected for their prominence and authority rating on the Google search engine. A link to the homepage of these schools are provided.

There are more schools similar programs, certifications, seminars but have not been listed here because they are located deeper into the pages of the Google search engine.

Stay tuned for the next post where we’ll share more information on University of Michigan – Dearborn!

Welcome to Top Digital Marketing Schools!

Top digital marketing schools are competing for the most rigorous programs to prepare students for a career in digital marketing. Social networking, viral marketing and search engine optimization are some of the hottest topics in business and media. To suit the needs of the changing market, the digital marketing degree program has erupted in several universities nationwide.

How can we figure out which school offers the best program?

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